How to Open Control Panel in Windows 10

How to Open Control Panel in Windows 10

In this topic, we are going to discuss control panel

What is the use of control panel?

The control panel is like your car gadgets, through it, you can check, set Windows configuration that will be suitable for you, and ease working for you.

How to open control panel?

By going to the start menu and write in the search box “control panel,” then choose the first search result.


Then you will get screen like this:


This view is general and easy to look for, if you are a starter you can use this view for ease of access, if you are in a professional, there is another view that you can use, by clicking on the button “View by.


You will have multiple options to view by categories like the previous photo, large icons or small icons

Small icons view:


In control panel, we have a lot of options. We will go through the most used options one by one:

Administrative tools: it contains performance monitoring, event viewer, task scheduler.

Color Management: advanced system coloring configuration.

Device Manager: through it, you can check for installed drivers, even from it you can install new drivers or even update the old one.

File Explorer Options: configuration of how windows explorer work, what files to show and what files to hide.

Home Group: Network homegroup options like file sharing and printer sharing

Keyboard: change keyboard setting, adding new languages

Network and Sharing Center: Network and connection setting like IP address, network group, and sharing options

Power Options: control power profiles of PC, you have choice to increase performance and consume a lot of power or reduce performance and reduce power consumption

Remote App and Desktop Connections

Devices and printers: through it, you can install new printers and change setting of already installed printers

Programs and Features: through it, you can view installed applications on your PC. Also, you can uninstall them from the same place.

User accounts: through it, you can edit accounts currently created. Also, you can create new ones

Backup and restore: through it, you can take backup of your system, or restore ready image

Date and time: through it, you can change setting related to date, time zones, and also you can add new clocks for multiple countries

Display: through it, you can edit screen setting like desktop background and resolution

Mail: e-mail setting

Recovery: if you made a restore point and needed to roll back to old configuration use it

Fonts: through it, you can edit font files to delete and install new fonts

Internet options: through it, you can set internet surfing options, like setting a proxy server, clear internet history, increase level of security

Region: through it, you can install new language for you PC to use in interfaces and writing

Windows firewall: through it, you can set setting for built in windows firewall which helps you get rid of attacks on your PC