How to Change your Background in Windows 10

How to Change your Background in Windows 10


Desktop wallpaper has multiple names like wallpaper, background, desktop background. Desktop wallpaper is an electronic image like (snapshot, personal image, drawing), used to decorate the background of the home screen of your computer and give it a nice look.

We call this photo in the computer as background or desktop background while in smartphones and mobile devices like laptop and tablets as home screen. Windows usually come with a pack of images by default, later you can personalize your PC and put your desired photo.

Microsoft Windows used term “Wallpaper and Desktop background.” While Mac operating system uses the term “desktop picture.”

Most of the images found on the internet are copyrighted which you may find in websites collecting and sharing wallpapers. Also, you will find free wallpapers.

There are two types of wallpapers:

Live wallpaper

Live wallpaper is the type of wallpaper that provides a background image for the home screen, In addition to interactive options for users like touch screen, allow the image to move and change dynamically. Also it may use your hardware to accelerate its performance.

Static wallpaper

Static wallpaper is the well-known background which is static, not moving picture and has no interaction with the user.

As we see in below picture, here is official Windows 10 desktop screen


How is this image formed?

The result is a dark and misty logo with light that beams out and around the edges of the famous Windows logo. It matches the dark theme of Windows 10 well, but the wallpaper won’t be animated so the full effect won’t be available on your desktop.

How to change desktop background?

1- Right-click on your Desktop and select Personalize.


2- You will get this screen


You will get a preview of your desktop image.

Then below you will find a drop down menu called “background” through it, you can set the background to be a picture, slide show or solid color.

Below you will find a button called “Browse” to choose photo file you want to set.

The last option is a drop down menu called “choose a fit” through it, you will have multiple options of how you need to fit your desktop background.