How to Change Account Picture in Windows 10

How to Change Account Picture in Windows 10


In this tutorial, we will go through how you can change your account picture.

What is profile picture?

When you have a computer, and multiple users use it, each account will have a different name and different picture to differentiate each one from others. By default, no picture is set for a profile picture. Instead, you will find a symbol configured by default like shown in next snapshot.

As we see in the red box, the picture is just symbol and name is written next to it.


Note that profile picture is local, local mean that it’s saved only on your computer, and can’t be used anywhere else.

But when you use your Microsoft account in the login process, Windows 10 will automatically copy your profile image to be account profile image.

You can also set your desired image instead of copying a photo from Microsoft account, and next lines will discuss how to change your photo.

How to change profile picture?

Go to the start menu and click on setting button like shown in the picture.


Then you will find screen like this, choose Accounts


Then you will see window, through it, you can change your picture.


Note: Windows is better when your setting and files automatically sync. Use a Microsoft account to easily get all your stuff on all your devices.

Now at this screen windows show your current picture under “Your picture” section, which is set to default symbol.

You can change the picture by click on Browse button, then you will get explorer window to choose the path of your image. Note that picture file should still be in its place and not moved or deleted, if moved to another path then choose, you will lose it.

Example: The picture was on drive C: and you moved to Drive D:

Also, there is another option to change profile picture through webcam, camera.

If you scroll down the screen, you will get this option


Click on camera button, and you will get this window to capture your picture, make sure that webcam driver is installed, and webcam is enabled


Then click on camera symbol to capture picture, and it will be saved automatically.