Devices in Windows 10

In this tutorial, we will cover information regarding devices new feature in Windows 10


First of all, we can access devices by opening start menu and typing devices for quick access


By choosing devices from the start menu the above window POPS UP, on the left side of the window we will find many options, we will give a brief description of each one:


1- Printers and scanners: Here you can add and remove printers and scanners. By clicking on device your PC will start searching for installed printers and scanners and install This feature allows you to install devices automatically by simply pressing and printer or scanner.


2- Add devices: This feature works pretty much the same as the previous one instead it’s more general to find any device regardless of its type. This feature also allows you remove installed devices from your system. You will find a list of installed devices you can simply remove them by clicking on this device and choosing remove.

3Bluetooth: In this tab, you can manage your Bluetooth device by simply clicking the on/off button, your PC will start searching the nearby devices to pair them.


4- Mouse and Touchpad: Here you can control the aspects of your mouse / touchpad, for example, choosing your mouse speed sensitivity or how many lines to be scroll each time. Also you can manage the delay of  your touchpad.


5- Typing: Here you can enable / disable the options of  Autocorrect misspelled words, and highlights misspelled words options.


6- Autoplay: Here you can choose what happens when you plug in removable devices by enabling / disabling the autoplay


7- USB: This feature notifies you if there is a problem when you plug in a USB device