Create a Shortcut to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

Create a Shortcut to Clear Clipboard in Windows 10

What is a Clipboard?

First before talking about clipboard, we need to know what is RAM?

RAM: mean Random Access Memory. RAM is a volatile memory that its content erased on power goes out or on windows restart or shutdown. RAM is a very fast memory windows uses to do processing as fast as possible. when you open a program it is first copied into RAM so processor can retrieve data from it to do processing faster.

You can install RAM in use depending on mother board available slots , if your system is 32 bit you can use up to 4GB RAM ,if you installed 64 bit system you can use more than 4GB RAM.

In some versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the contents of the clipboard can be viewed at any time by using the Clipboard Viewer (Clipbook Viewer in Windows XP and 2000) application (clipbrd.exe). It can be run by pressing Windows key + r and typing clipbrd.exe.

Alternatively, the program can be found at %windir%\system32\clipbrd.exe on such versions of Windows. If you didn’t find this file you can copy it from earlier windows version and it will work normally.

Now as we know RAM, Clipboard is part of RAM

When we are using word as example, and we need to copy, cut text, images, files or media files, these data are saved in clipboard as temporary data, these data will not be removed if there is still free space in RAM, or not overwritten by system, so storing a lot of data in RAM make it utilized and affect performance of other applications by degradation.

How to create a shortcut to clear clipboard in Windows 10:

1- Go to desktop, choose empty area, Right click anywhere on it, then click on New and then choose Shortcut.


2- In the location free space write this command and click next

%windir%\System32\cmd.exe /c “echo off | clip”


3- Type in name for your shortcut as you need. for example : free clipboard and then Click Finish.

For ease of access you can pin the shortcut to taskbar, add it to quick launch or assign a keyboard shortcut to it.