All Apps in Windows 10


In this tutorial, we will discuss the All Apps feature in Windows 10

How can we get the All Apps?

Just click the start menu button, and you will find it at the left bottom corner of the start menu as shown in the below picture


All apps content: As shown in the above picture, the all apps is a container for shortcuts of installed apps that ease the process of accessing programs. Apps are sorted alphabetically as shown making search process much easier.


Nice addition here in windows to save scrolling that if you want to navigate to a specific application, you can click on any character and menu with alphabets. Pops up help choose the desired character without scrolling to reach it.


To organize or rearrange an installed application shortcut, open the start menu > then All Apps list, find the app shortcut, right-click on it > more >select “Open file location.”

Note that you can’t do this change to a “universal installed app” from the Store. The only option you have is to right-click it and select Uninstall to remove its shortcut, Note: this will also remove the application completely.


You will find a File Explorer window appear for the shortcut selected. Make changes from explorer window, and they will automatically be reflected in the All Apps list.

Examples of actions you can do:

• Rename the shortcut by right clicking it, selecting Rename, and entering the desired name.
• Change the shortcut’s properties by right-clicking it, selecting Properties, and changing its options. This allows you to customize a program’s startup options or change its icon.
• Delete the shortcut from the Start menu by right-clicking it and then select Delete. This is useful to clean start menu from all unused shortcuts that are not used.

Add Custom Shortcuts

Adding a desktop application shortcut to the All Apps list is a very easy task. You only need to add them to the All Apps folder on your system. These are the same folders that will appear on clicking right click shortcuts > more > select “Open file location.”