Action Center in Windows 10

What is Action Center?

If you have a windows phone, android phone, when you touch and drag the screen down you will see a menu with multiple action buttons. These buttons are shortcuts and offer ease of access instead of going deep into multiple menus and settings. Microsoft made a menu like this to offer ease of access and fast actions called Action Center.

Action Center also contains notification area.


As you see in this picture, it can show you latest received emails on your mail inbox and security updates notifications. Also, it shows notifications if system faces problem. Your RAM may become utilized so Windows will tell you that memory is full so kindly close some programs to free up space, you may face driver failure issue, so Notification will tell you about the problem and how to fix it.

Action Center has multiple shortcuts actions:

1- Tablet Mode: it convert your desktop environment to simulate tablet mode, it converts icons to large size, as if you have a laptop with a touch screen or have AIO PC you can use this mode.

As illustrated in picture desktop will look like this


2- Connect: used to connect your PC to another device like the screen to display your screen.

3- Brighness Option: used to control the percentage of brightness to save you power or battery charge.

4- All Setting: show normal control panel window

5- Project: used if you connect your PC to an external display, you can choose to extend space to 2 screens or duplicate screen.

6- Battery saver: option used to degrade the performance of PC to save power or save battery charge.

7- VPN: through it, you can configure VPN network connection

8- Bluetooh: turn on/ off Bluetooth

9- Note: to create new note and save your hints

10- Wifi: through it, you can choose which Wi-Fi network you want to join

How to open Action Center?

• Click on the Action Center system icon on the taskbar
• Right click on the Action Center system icon on the taskbar, and click on Open Action Center

You can clear all notification by clicking on clear all button