Accounts in Windows 10

In this tutorial we will discuss the account picture in Windows 10. As shown in the below picture the accounts window is subdivided into multiple tabs. We will go through each one:

1- Your email and accounts Tab : In this tab you can add your email accounts. This feature helps you integrate your email account with the built-in Outlook client in Windows 10 , all you have to do Press sign in with a Microsoft account and specify your account/accounts, this play a good role saving you the pain of setting up an email account and also conserving space on your hard drive.


2- Accounts in Windows 10 Sign in Tab: In this tab we can specify the sign in options, for example, defining / changing password or if your device has built-in fingerprint scanner here is the place to specify the way you prove your identity, this help secure your device and improve data integrity. It also supports PIN as another way of authentication which comes handy if your fingerprint scanner is bad or you forgot your password.


3- Work access Tab: This feature work the same as a VPN connection to your device in order to access resources remotely, here you can gain access to organizations resources, network and email by choosing one of the two options


4- Family and other users Tab: This feature becomes handy when it comes to multiple users using the same machine. Here you can you find family members with each member having his own account, and this is all


5- Sync your settings Tab: This feature is used to export your Windows account settings to your email, you can synchronize passwords, Internet Explorer settings, language preferences ease of access themes, all help to migrate to another machine with much less re-configuring