Account Types in Windows 10


In this tutorial, we will discuss the account types feature in Windows 10

How can we access the account type feature?

You can find the account feature under the general settings in Windows 10, or you can search it in the start main for quick access.


The account feature in Windows 10 introduces more security to PC by isolating each user by creating different windows profiles with each profile having its own desktop and settings. What is new with the Account Types feature, is you can give more privilege to some users and deny other from it, for example, you can have a user account that can’t delete files on hard disc, or denied from changing desktop wallpaper or background… etc.

In order to be the account with the highest privilege, your account type must be an administrator who has full control to give / deny other users from certain allowances like mentioned before.


And also your account can be local (which means it’s local to the machine), or it can be an administrator account in a domain environment, in this case, your account has a full privilege to any machine under this domain.

As we see in the picture, my login name account is: Fares and account type is local, and I am given the privilege of the administrator.

There is an option called “Sign in with Microsoft account instead” which is better as Windows will sync your setting and files automatically to your mail accounts, like important documents and Calendar.

You can set your profile picture by click on Browse button


Also, you can set your picture by using webcam and clicking on the camera button

There are other options for Email, Calendar, and Contacts.

You can add contacts to your PC directory by clicking on add an account and windows will directly sync contacts and calendar on your mail to your PC directory.


Another Tab: sign-in options

Through it, you can add a password to login to your account instead of automatic login.

Also, you can use PIN code instead of password to access Windows apps, and services

Also, you can use a picture and password, sign in to Windows using your favorite photo.


Another Tab: Family & other Users

You can add your family, so everybody gets their own desktop.

You can help kids stay safe with appropriate websites, time limits, apps, and games.

Other Users
Allow people, who are not part of your family to sign in with their own accounts, this won’t add them to your family.