What does WhatsApp do with my phone information?

What does WhatsApp do with my phone information?

WhatsApp is a multiplatform application made as mobile phone messaging service for you to contact other WhatsApp users for free, so it means WhatsApp uses your phone information and contact list from your phone to work.

The other WhatsApp users or WhatsApp contact for you can notaccess to your contact list information unless you share the contact information of that person using the feature called “ share contact ” in the chat. As a WhatsApp privacy setting, the will not sell or show your personal information to another person.

WhatsApp ask you for your phone number from your mobile device contact list to give you an update list of WhatsApp friend users that you know and like that making it easier for you to contact them, start a chat with them and send them messages. WhatsApp is regularly checking for your phone contact list and numbers to see if they what a WhatsApp account or not, and like that update your WhatsApp contact list so you can have a good experience using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp uses your phone information for other goals such as to improve customer service experience, the delivery message experience, the application infrastructure, ending spam and the application abuse, using your GPS for when you decide to use the “ share location ” feature on a WhatsApp chat

WhatsApp also takes your phone information so they can use it on Facebook, this means that your WhatsApp contact information is been share with Facebook, so this social media can improve your experience and the Facebook promotional ads experience.