Share your location

WhatsApp have a feature that allows you to send your current location to a WhatsApp contact chat or WhatsApp group chat and making it easier for them to find where you are and meet you there. The “ share your location ” feature, is a fast and fun way to set meeting points and address location, but in a good and easy way, just tap on the option and let your cellphone GPS do the rest.

To share your location, just follow the next steps:

1. Go to the WhatsApp application and open it by tapping on it


2. Once you have opened WhatsApp app, you will see some menu tabs at the bottom, go to chat tab that it is located at the bottom of the app, the second tab from the right to left and tap on it


3. Once you enter to the “Chats” window, you will some chat commands at the top, create a new chat by going to the “New chat” option, you can locate it at the upper right corner, go to that option and tap on it

New chat

4. Once you tap on the “contacts” tab, you will see all your phone’s contact list that have a WhatsApp account and have WhatsApp installed on their phone, go to the name of the person you want to send the voice message to and tap on it

contacts name

5. When you tap on the name of your WhatsApp contact friend, you will enter to that person profile information, go to the start a chat option, which you can find it next to the contact number of your friend and as a shape of a cloud and tap on it


6. Once you have tapped on the start a chat option, the chat window with your WhatsApp contact will open, go to more options, which is symbolized with a plus and it is located at the bottom left corner on the text input bar and tap on it

left corner

7. When you tap on the “ More ” option, a dropdown list will appear with multiple options for you to choose, go to the location option, which is the fifth option that you will see on the list and tap on it


8. Once you have tapped on the location option from the drop down list, WhatsApp will show you your current location and a list of places that are near you for you to choose one if you wish for, to help your friend get a better idea of where you are. Go to the near place from where you are located that you wish to share with your friend or group chat and tap on it or go to the “ send your location ” option, which you can find under the map and tap on it to send your current location to your friend or group chat

send your location