Share you Whatsapp-chat by email

Share you Whatsapp-chat by email

WhatsApp has a feature that allows you to share all your WhatsApp chat messages that you had with a WhatsApp contact or a WhatsApp group chat by sending them and sharing them via email. Remember this feature is a sharing action not a backing up feature, so if you send the chat messages via email you can not restore it from the exported text file.

You should also know that this feature has a limitation and that you can send only ten thousand (10.000) messages at one time.

If you wish to share you WhatsApp chat message by email, just follow the next steps

1. Go to the WhatsApp application and open it by tapping on it


2. Once you have opened WhatsApp app, you will see some menu tabs at the bottom, go to chat tab that it is located at the bottom of the app, the second tab from the right to left and tap on it


3. Once you enter to the “Chats” window, you will seeall the chats that you have open with your WhatsApp contacts or the group chats, go to the chat which messages you want to send via email to share it and tap on it

contact name

4. Once you have tapped on the chat that you have open with a WhatsApp contact, go to your WhatsApp contact’s name that is located at the top of the chat and tap on it

WhatsApp turorial

5. When you tap on the name of your WhatsApp contact friend, you will enter to that person profile information, scroll down to the end of your WhatsApp friend contact information, go to the “ export chat ” option, which you can find it at the end of the your friend’s contact information over the “clear chat” option and tap on it.

export chat

6. Once you tap on the “ export chat ” option, a pop up window will appear asking you if you want to export the chat messages with the media attached or without the media, choose the option that you prefer by tapping on it


7. Once you have tapped on the media option that you prefer, another pop up window will appear asking you how do you want to share the WhatsApp chat conversation, go to the mail option which is the second option you will see and tap on it


8. When you tap on the mail option to share the messages that you had on chat with your WhatsApp contact friend, the messages will be attached to the email as a .zip file, write the email address of the person you want to share the conversation with, write the subject and a message and when you are done go to the “ Done ” button located at the top right corner and tap on it