How do I use a Broadcast List

A WhatsApp broadcast list is a fun and helpful feature that you can use when you want to send a message to multiple WhatsApp users that are on your contact list. It saves you the time to write the message on each and every WhatsApp contact chat and it just presents you with the option to send it to everyone at once.

The broadcast list is just a list of WhatsApp contact recipients that are saved and that you can use the amount of times that you wish for to send a broadcast message without the trouble of having to select the contacts each time.

To create a broadcast list, just follow the next steps:

1. Go to the WhatsApp application and open it by tapping on it


2. Once you have opened WhatsApp app, you will see some menu tabs at the bottom, go to chat tab that it is located at the bottom of the app, the second tab from the right to left and tap on it


3. Once you enter to the “Chats” window, you will some chat commands at the top, create a new broadcast list by going to the “ Broadcast Lists ” option, you can locate it at the upper right corner, go to that option and tap on it

broadcast lists

4. When you tap on the “Broadcast lists” tab, the broadcast list window will open and you will see all your account broadcast lists that you have created,go to the “ New list ” option located at the bottom of the broadcast lists window and tap on it to create a new list

a new list

5. Once you have tapped on the “ New List ” button, WhatsApp will show you all your WhatsApp contact list, tap on the name of the contacts you would like to send the same message to select them

New List

6. When you are done selecting all the recipients of the message, you will see all their names under the search bar, check the list is correct and if it is right, go to the create button located at the top right corner of the “ Recipients ” window and tap on it


7. Once you tap on the “ create ” button, the chat for you to write the message will open, type the message and hit send, to send your message to all the WhatsApp contacts that you have select it

select it