Group Conversations

WhatsApp have a great feature and it is the group chats, this means that you can create a group chat with all your friends or family and all chat and communicate at once on the group chat window.

WhatsApp group chat lets you add up to 256 WhatsApp contacts in one group and you can have as many groups open as you wish, this popular option is a really great way to maintain in contact and make plans with all your friends, family, coworkers or any other type of group that you can think of.

On each group conversation there is one administrator that it is usually the one that create the group, there can be other group administrators on one group chat but those are pointed out by the administrator himself and only the admins are the ones that are able to add or remove people from the group.

To create a group conversation, just follow the next steps:

1. Go to the WhatsApp application and open it by tapping on it


2. Once you have opened WhatsApp app, you will see some menu tabs at the bottom, go to chat tab that it is located at the bottom of the app, the second tab from the right to left and tap on it


3. Once you enter to the “Chats” window, you will some chat commands at the top, create a new group by going to the “New group” option, you can locate it at the upper right corner, under the “New chat” button, tap on it

new group

4. Search for the name of you the contact you want to know if he has blocked you, you can do it by scrolling through your contacts or type the name of your contact on the search bar, and tap on the name to select and add it to group

contact 1

5. You will see the name of the contact that you want to add to the group under the search bar, if the person you have chosen is correct; go to the “next” button, located at the upper right corner and tap on it to continue


6. You will now have to put a name for the group before you can create it, type the name of the group

test group

7. Once you have finish writing the name of the group go to the “Create” button, located at the top right corner and tap on it


8. Once you have tapped on “ Create “, the WhatsApp group chat will be created, you and all the group members can start sending messages on the group chat now

chat now