How to Enable Sound in Ubuntu

How to Enable Sound in Ubuntu

At times you might feel like having super human power of doing anything you want to your Ubuntu operating system whenever you like is great. So you need to login as root. But in root GUI, there’s no sound enabled by default. This tutorial is about how to enable sound in root login.

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to enable sound in root login on Ubuntu. To follow this tutorial, you need to have the following requirements:

  • A computer with Ubuntu operating system installed.
  • You must be able to login as root and start graphical user interface (Unity). 

Step 1: Once you login to your Ubuntu system as root, you should see there’s no sound available by default.


This is not a big issue. Sound is disabled because PulseAudio server isn’t starting automatically on startup. So all we have to do is start pulseaudio server on startup.

Step 2: To start pulseaudio server on startup, go to Unity dash and type “Startup”. You will see the following results. Click on the marked icon as shown in the screenshot.


It will start the startup editor of Ubuntu. This is where you add the commands you want Ubuntu to run automatically on start.

Step 3: Once the startup window opens, click on the “Add” button as marked on the screenshot.


A popup window will appear. Here type in the given configuration and click on add as shown in the screenshot.

Name: PulseAudio
Command: pulseaudio –start –log-target=syslog
Comment: Start PulseAudio on Startup


The new startup program is added to the existing startup list. Now close the startup manager window.


Step 4: Now to test if everything is working, restart your Ubuntu operating system and login as root.


Voila! We got sound on root login!

That’s how you enable sound on root login on Ubuntu operating system.