How to Get your Questions Answered on Twitter

How to Get your Questions Answered on Twitter?

If you want to know what the public’s opinion on any subject is, you can do it with by creating a twitter poll. You will be able to create your own poll right from the compose box, anyone can vote on any poll, and how the people voted on the poll is not shared publicly.

A Twitter Poll can last between 5 minutes and 7 days after it has been posted, that depends on the duration set by the person who started the poll. After the poll ends, you can see the winning choice in bold.

If you want to create your own twitter poll, you can do it on the website by following the next steps:

1- Go to twitter webpage 

2- Sign in to your Twitter account using your phone/email or username and your password and click on “Log in” 


3- Go to the “what’s happening box at the top of your Home timeline 

Or you can also click the Tweet button, located at the top right corner of your navigation bar.


4- Once you enable the window to compose a new tweet, go to the “add poll” button located at the bottom of the “compose new tweet” window.


5- The twitter poll editor will appear, write the different choices of answer you can select, by default twitter will only show you to boxes for you to write the different options, if you want to add more choices go to “ add a choice” located under the “Choice 2” box, you can only add 2 more choices.


6- Select how long you want the poll last by going to the “poll length” option, located under the last choice option


7- Once you finish editing your poll go to the “tweet” button located at the bottom right corner of the poll, and your poll will be published