How to change the header image on twitter

How to change the header image on twitter?

To change your picture on your twitter profile from the twitter webpage, follow the next steps:

1- Go to twitter website

2- And log in with your twitter account using your phone, email or username


3- Once you log in, go to your profile by doing click on your profile picture square located at top right corner, next to the “tweet” button


4- Once you click on the profile and settings option, a drop down list with multiple options will appear and click on the “View Profile”.


5- Once you are on your profile click on “Edit Profile”, located at the right of your profile window.


6- Once you click on “edit profile” everything will be in edit mode, click on “add a header profile picture”, which is the picture located at the top of your profile.


7- When you click to change your header image option you will have two options, select upload photo to change your photo.


8- Once you click on upload photo, a window will appear for you to search the picture you want to be your new profile picture, select it and then click on “open”


9- Once you choose your photo, you will need now to reposition and size your photo by clicking on it and moving right, left, up or down, zoom in or zoom our and then click on apply.


10- Select “apply” located at the bottom right of your header image editor and you will now have a new header image picture.