What are Best Friends Feature on Snapchat

What are Best Friends Feature on Snapchat?

The “Best Friends Feature” shows you the friends that you send Snaps and Chats the most frequently. You’ll see the “Best Friends” in the “My friends” screen, and you can also see it in the Send to screen that you see before sending a Snap. The Best Friends feature it’s constantly changing so it can adapt to your needs and you can always find your Best Friends easy.

In other words it’s a simple list for you to contact the person you want in a faster way, and at the same time, improve your snap view count.

So the next time you send a snap, pay attention to your contact list. You’ll see categories like “stories,” “best friends,” and “recent.” They refreshing regularly and changing to keep up with your needs.

So the more Snaps your send out and receive, the more accurate will become this list. It will start to predict who are you talking with more and their names will start appearing higher on your contact list, so you won’t have to scroll down through all your contact names.

So depending on your status, the snap tendency with your friend, you will see a Friend Emoji pop up next to your friend’s name. So if you friend send you a lot of snaps but you do not return them in the same volumes, you will see a special emoji.

The snapchat team says that the “Best Friends” feature is updated like every week, and is done automatically using a “Snapchat friendship algorithm”, that allows to see who you snap the most. So it basically makes it easier to see a summarized list at the top of the people you snap with the most so you don’t have to go through your whole list to find each contact.

But since Snapchat selects them with an algorithm, you can’t really choose and / or remove contacts to build your own best friends list. But there is, however, some stuff that you can do to manipulate the list so that it shows up the way that you want and with the snapchatters that you want on it.