How do you look at Snapchat?

If you are bored trying to pass time or you just wants to read something entertaining, the Discover feature can help you with that. When you enter to the Discover feature you will see channels from top publishers who fill snapchat discover feature with content daily, watch Live Stories from an event, or check out local Campus Stories, that way you can never get bored.

To enter look on the discover feature just follow the next steps:

1- Go to the camera screen, which is the first thing you will see when you open the app, and tap on the little Stories button, that you will find at the bottom right corner of your screen.


2- Once you enter the Stories window you will see the discover button on the upper right corner, tap on it to open the discover feature. 


3- You will see multiple channels with a lot of content, swipe up or down to search for more channels and if there is something that called your attention you tap on the channel.

4- The channel will open, on the upper right corner you will see how many snaps are to see on that channel


5- If you are interested to read more about the story just swipe up and more information will appear.


6- If you just want to see the next Snap, just tap on the screen.


7- If you would like to go back to the last snap, you can always tap the left side of the screen.


8- If you liked something and you want to post it on your story or send it to a friend, you can always tap and hold on the image, the decoration screen will appear, edit it if you want and then press send.


9- If you want to leave the channel you were looking, you just have to swipe down to exit.