How Do I find and add friends on snapchat?

How Do I find and add friends on snapchat?

Adding a friend from your address book

1- Go to the camera screen, which is the first thing you see when you open the app and once you are there press the little ghost icon at the top of the screen to head to your profile.


2- Select the “Add Friends” option


3- Tap on “Add from Contacts” option.


4- After that you will see a Find your friends window tap continue


5- A window asking for permission to access your contacts will pop-up, tap on “OK”.


6- The people on your contact list that are using Snapchat will appear tap “+ Add” next to their name to add a friend, or invite someone to Snapchat.


Once you add a friend the button will turn purple added indicating you already added him.

You can also see a list of your phone contacts that isn’t using app yet but you can send them an invite to join Snapchat, just tap on “+ Invite”.


To add back a Snapchatter who has added you:

When someone has added you, the ghost ghost will turn yellow.

1- Go to the camera screen and tap on the little yellow ghost icon at the top of the screen.


2- Click ‘Added Me’ on your Profile screen. 


3- You will see the name of the person who added you tap the “+ Add” next to their name to add them back.

To add someone by Snapcode:

There are two ways to add a friend using Snapcode

You can scan directly your friend’s Snapcode

1- Open your camera


2- Place your phone on the snapcode, tap on the screen and hold to scan the Snapcode.


3- Snapchat will scan and show your friend’s profile so you can then add him.


With an image of your friend’s snapcode.

1- Open Snapchat, and then tap the ghost at the top. 


2- Select the add friends option.


3- Add by Snapcode


4- Select the screenshot with your friend’s Snapcode and snapchat will automatically scan it. 

5- Tap add friend