Confusion with is the actual internet protocol address and is often confused by most users because they type it as The Is the address to most Netgear and D-Link routers. It is one of the private IPv4 network addresses and can be used by the home router in setting up the default gateway.

It is often recommended that should be used by one device at a time to reduce the conflicts that may occur. It can also be altered using the management console of the router’s network at any time or location.

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The applications and software stationed by the service providers are helpful and have enabled users to perform different kinds of tasks on their routers. It has allowed them to access their device settings, configure their arrangement details and other connection problems associated with the internet.


How can I log in to IP Address?

The first procedure will be to type in the link to the address bar of your web browser. You can use Firefox, Opera Mini, Chrome and other browsers. The router admin login panel will prompt you to type in your username and password. In case you have problems while typing in the address, you can copy the link and paste it directly into your web browser.

In case you cannot remember your login details, there are default usernames and passwords that are readily available on the internet. 

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Things to be done by IP Address

Many operations are available once you gain access to the user interphase. The initial step is to log in using your username and password. You can alter or configure different kinds of settings such as Routing, DNS, and MAC, DSL, and LAN, WAN, WLAN configuration, Proxy, IP allocation and many others.



Most users usually find difficulties when accessing the administrative panel. There are common mistakes that most people do. It should be noted that or 192.168.O.l are not the real internet protocol addresses. There are situations where you type in the correct IP Address as but the attempt to log in fails. If that happens, ensure that you have switched off any antivirus or firewall running in the background. Always be careful to type in the right password while trying to access the user interphase. It requires full concentration because of the dotted security measures configured in the password section. In case you forget your password you can hard-reset the router or check a variety of lists available on the internet. Most of the brands are similar and always have the same username and password from the service provider.

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Conclusion IP Address has often been controversial, and most users faced challenges while using it. The exact address should always be used as while attempting to access the administrative panel. The passwords are always important as they allow you to alter or configure settings. Therefore, it is always recommended that you should keep the password in a safe place where you can retrieve in future.