(Default Gateway) and Login Protocol Address is more advanced compared to the previous IP addresses. It is categorized in class A of IP Addresses and is often meant for private networks. It is also used as a default local address and is effective for network routers., allows a user to access the administration to alter the settings and configurations.

This address is usually unique and dominates its local area network. It has exceptional features and can enable a user to set up their network. It can be done at home or workplaces depending on the location of an individual.

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Things that can be done by IP Address

You can perform different tasks using this type of address. It requires you to log in to gain access to the administrative panel or authority electronic network. There are several options and features that enable a user to execute the configurations and settings.

 There are several adjustments that you can make which range from DSL, WLAN, NAT virtual server, network management and other several actions. These settings are adjustable and can be accessed quickly in case of change. The fact that the address is more advanced than the previous versions allows you access a variety of features.

How to set up your router with

The first procedure involves typing in the link on your browser’s address bar. A window will open which prompts you to enter your username and password. These details are usually located at the back of the router in case you forget them. The second procedure involves checking the entire pages and menu then determine the network part.

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NOTE: By default most of wireless router has “admin” and “admin” as username and password to access router panel for configurations.

 It is possible to setup your system using different methods such as DSL or dial-up. You will be required to enter the username and password obtained from the manufacturer or the network provider. You can then set up the domain name system that is often provided by Google.

They include and last procedure involves setting up wireless function in situations where they exist. To ensure your wireless router is safe, always select the WPE and WPA.


How can I find my router’s default username and password?

It is common for most users to forget their passwords and would always get stranded at some point. Most of the documentation are always indicated on the back of your router. However, in situations where you bought a second-hand router or given as a gift from a friend, you will be forced to look for other alternatives.

If you cannot find them in the manual book, try searching them on the internet. Most of the brands or models are readily accessible and can be obtained from different sources. Another alternative that can be used is performing a hard reset.

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The procedure involves long pressing the reset button. The login process is a major step and users should be careful while typing in their login details. Most reports have shown that users failed to key in the right password or used the wrong links.