How to Enable Post Notifications on Instagram

How to Enable Post Notifications on Instagram

You can choose if you want to receive post notifications when someone indicates that he likes your post, comment, follows you or post his first photo.

To enable post notifications just follow the next steps:

1. Type your username and password on the fields

Type your username

2. Once you filled the fields with your account information tap on the “Log In” button

Log In

3. Once you open your Instagram account and go to your profile, by tapping on you profile picture tab located at the bottom right corner.

at the bottom right corner

4. Once you are on your profile, go to the options section located at top right corner and tap on it.

right corner

5. Once you enter to options, scroll down and go to the settings section and tap on the “Push Notification Settings” option.

push notification settings

6. Select the option that you want for each post notification, whether is to turn them off, enable them from you followers only or from everyone by tapping on the option that you prefer.