HTML Quotation and Citation

HTML Quotation and Citation:

An HTML document also supports other logical highlighting elements like CODE that is used for a computer code, KBD which is used to input from the keyboard, VAR that is used for a variable and DFN is used to define a term that is appeared in an HTML document.

The cite element

There is another element CITE. This element is used to include a short citation in HTML document. Citation basically a concept that tells us that a certain material has come from a certain source whether a book or a website. It can also be considered as a reference to the text that you are writing. The cite element contains characters, character highlighting, line break (BR) and IMG. It does not have any attributes. It can be written inside ADDRESS element, PRE element etc. It can be used as follows:

<p> This paragraph has been taken from a website</p>



The text written in the cite element is italic.

The <q> element

In HTML we can also use table of contents that is also considered to be a reference. To include a short quotation in HTML we use <q> element. Like other tags <q> also has an ending card. Suppose we want a quotation in our paragraph, we can write it as follows:

<p>This is first paragraph<q>We inserted a quotation</q></p>


The Address Element

In an HTML document, we use ADDRESS element to provide the information For example give a reference of certain website. The address element can contain characters, character highlighting or images or line breaks or anchors (will be discussed later). The address element can be used inside a blockquote element or the body element and the form element but the address element does not contain any attributes. The usage of the address variable is demonstrated as follows:


<A HREF= “”> Facebook </A>



If this text is saved as an HTML document, the following result will appear:


In the above example, we can see that the address of the text we have given is italicized itself.

The Blockquote Element

The Blockquote element is used to define or mark a text that is quoted from another website or any other source or an extract from a book. In an HTML document the blockquote is indented that is the text is justified. It is used to simply highlight a text or block of text. A blockquote is also used to introduce text indentations.

The blockquote element is often used to highlight a text. The blockquote element can contain the following elements; address, form, pre, etc. This element do not supports any attributes.

To illustrate the usage of blockquote consider the following example:



<p>Blockquote is used to indent the text</p>


Three things cannot be long hidden:

the sun, the moon, and the truth.




Let us see what happens when we save this example as an HTML document:


In the above example we can see the text we entered is automatically aligned. As a proof, see that we wrote the quotation is two separate lines as

Three things cannot be long hidden:

the sun, the moon, and the truth.

And the browser itself aligned it and writes it in one line in the middle of the HTML document.