What is Telnet? 

In the field of networking, there are countless different programs and tools. Remembering them all can be quite a challenge, especially if youre not someone with a high-level networking certification. Thats why we wish to explain one networking concept in easy-to-understand terms. 

Some of you might have heard of Telnet beforeand if not, thats okay. Telnet is a specific user command and TCP/IP protocol that allows an individual to gain access to remote computers. 

You might have heard about HTTP or FTP protocols before. These essentially allow an individual to request files from a remote computer. Telnet is a little similar, but its a little more complex. 

And the differences are quite easy to understand. While HTTP or FTP protocols only allow an individual to request files from other computers, Telnet actually allows the user to GAIN remote access to different computers. In this way, the user gains complete control and access to a remote device and is able to use it as freely as if it were his/her own. 

In order to gain this access, a request must be sent to the other network. Once login (ID and password) information is given, the user is then able to access the network and use the device. 

Telnet comes in handy for programmers who wish to access information that is being held on host computers. 

That being said, Telnet is quite dated. In fact, you could almost look at it as one of the first forms of the Internet. Telnet was created in 1969, and for that reason, it does have some issues. 

One of the main issues regarding Telnet is its lack of security. Unlike many modern programs and tools, Telnet lacks the encryption required to make sure data and devices are kept safe. This means that anyone using Telnet runs the risk of being hacked or picking up a virus. For that reason, those who wish to use Telnet need to keep the security and safety of their devices in mind before starting on their journeys. 

With this information in mind, you might be wondering: so whats the point of Telnet if its not even safe? For the most part, Telnet is like a blast from the past. You can use the service to look at how things used to be. If you have a nostalgic side (and especially if you are someone who actually remembers using Telnet when it was RELEVANT), this could prove extremely fun and useful for you. 

Telnet is a service that can still be used to have a good time, even if its importance has faded significantly over the years. This means that it could also prove useful and interesting for aspiring programmers and designers who wish to get a look at how networking was in the good old days.  

All in all, Telnet is a reminder of the past. This is true for both the good and the bad aspects of the program. Keeping in mind its security flaws, Telnet can be a great way to spend some time, and undoubtedly it is an important part of networking history.