What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an alternative used in providing additional security to your online activities. It provides your device with an encryption to the internet connection and safeguards you from hackers or snoopers. You can browse the websites privately as it operates similarly to a home security system.

Signing up for the VPN service should be your initial step before for receiving the desired protection from hackers. Your internet service provider is the one offering you the connection to the internet. This means that the VPN service will not reduce the need for having your ISP.

What is the importance of VPN?

There are several benefits that can be derived from the Virtual Private Networks the fact that it plays a major role in offering security. Your connection to the internet is through a server that is operated by the VPN provider.


  • VPN allows you to avoid censorship by work, government institutions or your Internet Service Provider.
  • Your internet activity is safe from your ISP as it guarantees privacy. The internet activity being monitored from your device cannot be sketched back to the server.
  • You are able to gain access to services that are not made available to you unfairly depending on your geographical region.
  • Guarantees your safety in a point to point download.
  • You are protected from hackers in situations where you are utilizing a Public Wi-Fi hotspot. The reason is that the encryption provides protection and the hacker may have difficulties intercepting your information.

How can I start using the VPN?

There are several VPN services and not all of them will offer the expected results. Always consider checking the reviews and recommendations to determine the best VPN providers. You should consider the reasons why you need the service in the first place.

Determine whether it is for browsing, executing downloads, or to avoid the Great Firewalls. Most of the VPN services would always have the primary bases and not all would be perfect.

Is it possible to torrent with the VPN safely?

You can safely torrent using the VPN service provided your service provider gives you direct access. Though it is important to check all of them first because not all will work the same. The VPN provider also shields your internet protocol and the reason why the data is encrypted is to enhance your privacy. For a point to point download using Bit Torrent, anyone downloading a similar file is capable of viewing the IP address of any other person performing the same download.

Are they compatible with mobile phones?

Smartphone’s can support the Virtual Private Network service but with exemptions. It is more efficient in the Android and iOS devices. Mobile apps have several ways of detecting your identity apart from using your IP address.

They can access your contact list, GPS data and even the Google Play or Apple Store ID. The chances of guaranteeing your privacy may be minimal in such situations and there are possibilities of the data being accessible by third parties. To effectively utilize the VPN on your Smartphone, you can access the websites through their interface via the browser.