Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)

The NNTP is a protocol used to manage posted notes on Usenet newsgroups and is utilized by the computer servers and clients. The gathered Usenet newsgroups are handles by the NNTP and comprises of the server on the ISP. The original Usenet protocol used to be the Unix to Unix copy protocol (UCCP) before replaced by the Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP).

They were the most efficient time sharing systems where most article transfers were carried out across telephone links operating on the point to point connection between news servers. The articles could be read from the local disk by the posters and readers logged in the devices.

Afterwards, the NNTP emerged and was more flexible and reliable compared to the UCCP. The news readers could be operated on the personal computers that were in connection with the local networks. It is architecture was almost closer to the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) though it was designed to exchange articles between newsgroups.  The software application which is capable reading articles available on Usenet is known as the news client. Sometimes it is also known as a newsreader.

NNTP reservation is carried out by the TCP port 119. A bulk transfer can be executed by the NNSP during a transmission between servers. NNTP uses a stream-based transmission which is reliable and performs a variety of processes.

They include, inquiry, distribution, posting new articles and retrieval actions. It was specifically programmed to allow the storage of news articles in the central database. This allows the selection of the specific items to be read by the subscriber.

Other provisions are also made available with the Network News Transfer Protocol. These include cross-referencing, expiry of the old texts and indexing. A proposed protocol is suggested by the RFC for the ARPA internet community. Discussion requests and suggestions are also addressed by the protocol. NNTP provides specifications on how the distribution or posting of new arrivals will take place by determining a particular protocol for the process.

They will be stored on an individual host and the new articles can be read by subscribers connected to the local area network by utilizing the stream connections.

The Usenet news system is described by the RFC 850 which outlines the news article specifications of the NNTP. NNTP is in a position to make few demands upon the content, structure and where the new articles can be stored. The NNTP server also operates on a single host as a background process.