Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)

It is a protocol which provides support and is utilized by routers or other network devices in transmitting error messages. It also conveys the operational data in situations where the host could not be contacted. ICMP discovers more critical issues such as the need for more fragments. In situations where the internet protocol checksum will be incorrect, response may not arise from ICMP.

An error message is referred to as the ICMP redirect which is usually transmitted to the source of an IP packet from the router. In cases where the router has insights of the sub optimally routing of a packet, then the redirects will be initiated. During this process, the sending host is informed by the router to release the packets to a similar terminal using an alternate gateway.

The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo is a request sent by a ping to the intended host as the reply is awaited. The basic internet protocol header is useful in sending the ICMP messages. The fact that the transmissions or requests are executed during the process does not render the ICMP as a transport protocol.

The ICMP is usually used to troubleshoot the internet connections by the network administrators. ICMP has several other uses on intermediary devices, hosts or routers. They can be used in communicating updates or error information to other hosts or routers.

The Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) are the IP addresses are versions of the ICMP protocol that are widely used. They are usually presented as ICMPv4 and ICMPv6.

The transmissions of the messages usually travel in form of datagrams. They are comprised of an internet protocol header which is useful in enclosing the information of the ICMP. The end system is able to determine the failed packets because the entire IP header is comprised in the ICP messages from the initial message.

The ICMP header is usually recognized as the internet protocol number one and is visible after the packet headers of the IPv4 and IPv6. The protocol with a complex structure will be categorized into three areas.

The main type of the field will determine the message of the ICMP while the minor code has detailed data on the kind of area covered. Another category will be the checksum which is usually effective in finding induced errors during the process of transmission. Sometimes the ICMP is referred to as the ping of death since it is used to carry out the denial of service attacks.