Features of C language

The following are some of the features of C programming language:

  1. C programming language has a variety of built in functions and operators that can be used to solve complex problems.
  2. Convenient Language: C is very convenient language. It provides many facilities in easier way that are difficult to use in low level languages. Programmers can write complex programs more easily.
  3. Well structured language: C is a well structured language. Its syntax is very easy to understand. The programs written in C language are easy to maintain and modify.
  4. Machine independent: It is a machine independent language. It means that the program written in C language can be executed on different types of computers.
  5. Modularity: C provides the facility of modular programming. It means that the program can be divided into small modules.
  6. Case sensitivity: C is a case sensitive language. It means that it can differentiate uppercase and lowercase words.
  7. Hardware control: C programming language provides close control on hardware. It can be used to write efficient programs to control hardware components of computer system.
  8. Small language: C is a small language. It has a small number of keywords and programming controls. But still it is very powerful for developing different types of programs.
  9. Fast code generation: The compilers of C language generate very fast code. The code executes very efficiently. So the programs take less time to execute.
  10. The compiler of C programming language has the abilities of assembly language and high level language as well.
  11. C programming language is faster than BASIC.
  12. C programming language has a number of built in functions and the program written in C is a collection of these functions. The user can also create his functions and can add them into C library.
  13. C language is also used in operating systems and embedded system development.